Another Fantastic Screening of Osvaldo's

So yesterday was the encore screening of Osvaldo's at the HBO Latino International Film Festival. I have to say that it was a great success. The theater was almost filled to capacity and there were a lot of people on hand to show support. I had mentioned this before but I was really excited about this particular screening because I knew some of the cast and crew members were going to be in attendance to see how all of their hard work had paid off. It felt really good to see how proud and happy they all were when they finally saw the final piece. We all went through a lot to get it done and everyone involved did it out of support of my vision and their passion for film making. I was really happy to share it with them. We recevied a lot of positive feedback as well. Its always a little nerve racking when you are screening your work to people you don't know or people who have no idea what you do all day when you tell them you're a filmmaker. But in all honesty, I'm very confident in Osvaldo's and I know its a strong film so the nerves dissipate once the film begins. Its reassuring to know that you can make a strong film about a family and their trials and tribulations and people respond to it and appreciate it. I'm not big on gimmicky films or sensational kind of films. I just like to tell honest, emotional stories about everyday people. Its nice to see that audiences can connect to that and enjoy themselves at the same time. Things are looking up and I hope they continue that way.

Now let's hope we win an award tonight!