Madvillainy 2 Snippets

So for those of you that don't know I am pretty much obsessed with Madlib and DOOM. If you check my ipod I have hundreds of songs by them. You can throw J Dilla  into that group as well. When Madlib and DOOM came together a couple years a back for their album MADVILLAINY I can't tell you how gassed I was. It is one of the best albums I will ever hear in my entire life. Here is the first album if you wanna check it out:

Naturally, you expect for the duo to drop another album because of its critical acclaim and audience approval. We have gone a couple years without hearing anything from the new album. Now we may have come a cross a sneak peek of what is to come soon. I don't know if these are demos or actual tracks on Madvillainy 2 but they do come from J-Rocc who is a part of the Stones Throw camp. These tracks are ridiculous and now I am officially amped for the new joint to drop. Here is the clip of J-Rocc spinning some of the tracks on east village radio. Enjoy and let me know what you think.