Gilles Peterson May Have Saved My [musical] Life

The current music scene is awful. It sucks. I am no longer interested in being a witness to the self-destruction of hip hop nor am I interested in destroying my brain with terrible pop music. People forget that pop music used to be amazing. Now its garbage. I struggle to find good new music. But I may have come across the one person who can spark a Randy Music Renaissance. His name is Gilles Peterson. I knew a little bit about him through his Brazilian jazz projects. But I didn't realize that he had a radio program on bbc radio one in the UK. My man Shaka hooked me up with a show of his that features the great Madlib and J-Rocc. So after listening to that show I found the other ones and have been obsessed with it ever since. Part of the reason is that I've really been interested in expanding my musical horizons and coming across different musical interpretations. I've noticed that I'm really into electronic/synthesizer based music and Gilles Peterson plays a lot of that stuff. He's definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world because I wouldn't know where to start to get this stuff. It's also cool because it exposes the DOPE music scene in London and the UK which I would love to experience firsthand at some point. I'm always down for another reason to travel. Anyway, here is a link to the latest installment of the show. Click on "listen now" to hear it. It's only up for 7 days per episode so don't miss out on listening. The other great thing is that they have a track listing for EVERY single show since 2002 so you can start to build your own collection. In fact the link I'm posting features the track list for this particular show. I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what you think.