Embracing the Process

I have been focusing on the feature version of Osvaldo's off and on for almost a year now. This is my first major undertaking of a feature script and I feel a little weird because I am not carrying the whole "tormented artist" weight on my back. I have definitely had moments where frustration has popped up, but that is more a by-product of my general tendency to frustrate myself for no reason. I think it's a curse of being such a critical thinker. Some times those thoughts spiral wildly out of control. But anyway, I'm not sure because I have a short film to reference or because the story is a simple and organic one, but this has pretty much been a satisfying eye-opening experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering new things about the Vazquez family as well as new things about myself as an "artist" (I put that in quotes because I still can't come to grips with the idea that I'm artistic. It's funny to me). I mention all of this because you normally read or hear people speak about the creative process like it's some near death experience. I have yet to have a seminal moment where I could relate to that sentiment. I love the process and the discovery of it all. I'm insanely curious about how one grows from one project to the next. Sometimes I'm more interested in that than the end product. Maybe I've put up a roadblock or I'm tricking myself but I love it. I should probably be writing more consistently, but I could be doing a whole lot of things more consistently. This just further solidifies my feeling that I made the right choice in pursuing film. It is a very tricky thing to be a part of, but the fundamental joy that it provides at its high moments make it well worth it. Ok, back to writing.