A STROKE of Genius

I've spoken a lot about my latest short film "Docket 32357" whether it be a festival announcement, our experiences in LA or why I made it. I think it is time to discuss how important this film really is. The film was adapted from a feature length play of the same title. It is the opening scene to a great story. The film and play are written by the talented Eljon Wardally. The beauty, depth and strength of Docket not only comes from the words, but also from the context it was written in. Eljon suffered a stroke at the age of 29. Docket 32357 was written out of sheer determination to prove to herself that while her life had altered forever; pieces of her could never be changed. It is a victory that exceeds any award, festival screening or distribution deal. I won't go into great deal about it because Eljon discusses it beautifully in her own blog post, but I thought it was worth mentioning on here. Sometimes the best stories are the ones that exist beyond the film.