Anti-Gun Violence

Homage to Bela, A Prelude screening at Arts to End Violence Festival

Hello everyone, 

I want to let you all know that Homage to Bela, A Prelude will be screening at the Save Our Streets annual Arts to End Violence Festival in Crown Heights Brooklyn. The film will be showcased at the Ron Taylor Gallery on May 23rd from 6:30 to 9pm. The gallery is located at 1160 St Johns between Kingston and Albany. On May 24th at 7pm, Homage will screen with other anti-gun violence films at the Launch Pad located at 721 Franklin Avenue between Park and Sterling. S.O.S. is a wonderful anti-gun violence organization dedicated to removing guns off the streets in our communities. You can find out more about them at 

Homage to Bela, A Prelude

I have been debating whether or not to post this over the internet for quite some time now. I had this big filmmaker plan and strategy for it. But then I realized that I made this film to bring awareness to the issue of gun violence amongst young people of color and how this affects the community at large. So I will be offering Homage to Bela, A Prelude to all of you through the weekend. If you like it please send out the link to this post to as many people as you can via email, facebook, twitter, etc. If you know of any anti-gun violence or community organizations that you think would like this please contact me here on the comments or at This project means a great deal to me. I am very proud of it and all the work that was put into it. I would like to thank Jessica K. Brown, Christina Voros, Jonathan Altman, Joey Salim, Billy Green, Shane Duckworth, Karen Song, The Parchment Family, Peter Svarzbein and all the brave souls who stood out in the cold to make this happen. I am in debt to you all. You can also view the film at Without further ado, I present Homage to Bela, A Prelude...

[vimeo w=600&h=338]