Indiana Made

Indiana Made wins an EMMY!

Last summer, Jeff Pinilla and I went on a research shoot to convince Jeff's bosses at PIX 11 in NYC that buying a RED camera would be beneficial for the creative services department. The shoot was simple. We would drive around various neighborhoods in the city and capture the architecture, people and details of the areas. We were under the impression we had the whole day to drive around and capture footage. It turned out that we only had an hour to get all of this done. Despite the time crunch, we captured some great stuff and figured we had a good shot at a successful pitch. What came out of it was more than I ever imagined. Jeff turned the footage into an impromptu spot for PIX entitled "New York Perspective." He wrote a beautiful script to accompany the visuals and the promo ran almost nonstop. The success of Perspectives caught the attention of the creative team at FOX 59 in Indiana. They were looking to create a dynamic campaign that connected their news team with the people of Indianapolis and the surrounding towns. Jeff and I spent a week in Indy capturing the beauty of the people and the city. What we ended up with was a spot named "Indiana Made."

I'm really happy to share the news that Indiana Made is the winner of a 2013 local Emmy. I never thought I would be considered for an Emmy, let alone a recipient of one. To be honest, the idea  never crossed my mind. It is a wonderful accomplishment that I am proud to achieve. It was just as special to work with the great people in Indy: Michael Brouder, Andrew Witham and Shelby Simpson. It was a pleasure working with you guys. If you want to see the promo along with New York Perspective you can click here.

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Indiana Made

Here is a new promo that I shot recently for FOX 59 in Indiana entitled "Indiana Made." Jeff Pinilla and I spent a week there to help with a new campaign the creative team at FOX 59 wanted to execute. I got a chance to immerse myself with the wonderful people of Indianapolis and get an understanding of the pride that they feel for their city and region. We shot for five days and were split up into two teams where we traveled around the city in a run and gun style to capture the diverse aspects of Indy. One day of the five was spent in the Chase tower with the station's prominent talent. The spot is directed by Jeff Pinilla who also did additional cinematography and is produced by Michael Brouder, Andrew Witham and Shelby Simpson. Let me know what you think of the spot in the comments below. Hope you enjoy it.

[vimeo w=600&h=337]

Indiana Made - Fox 59 Indiana Creative Promo

Directed by Jeff Pinilla

Cinematography by Randy Wilkins & Jeff Pinilla

Produced by Michael Brouder, Andrew Witham and Shelby Simpson

Shot on Canon 5D and 7D